Movers and shakers

Movers and shakers

Moving meditation

I run.

Running gives me time to reflect, build ideas in my mind, and understand the projects I undertake.

Running today I had someone say as I passed them:

“The movers and shakers are out today!”

This comment stuck long into the run, and I considered a few simple options we all have in life.

The movers

These people get things done by applying effort. They work hard to ensure things get done, coincidentally, they aren’t always worried about overall methods, they want the see the results they outlined in the beginning. Movers know the power of motivation, and use it to build dreams.

The shakers

Not unlike the movers, the shakers have a specific goal in mind, however, the shakers are more focused on changing the status quo, objectively to fix an issue they see in the overall workings of a system. Shakers are disruptors, creating new and exciting routes to their dreams.


Move or shake, your choice





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