Blog022: This is for you tomorrow.

The stories we tell ourselves shape the people who we become.

“I’m tired” will emancipate itself into an over indulgence in coffee. You’ll yawn, lope around the place, and sit back and watch cat videos for the first part of your day.

Little stories you tell yourself help keep you solidly placed in the one location you’re current residing.

Little stories keeping you safely nestled in a moment of comfort.

That little story you told yourself will keep you in the status quo.

Or tell yourself a new story. Hear your mind say I’m tired, then tell yourself, it’s a great day for a run. Tell the story of tomorrow, if you know what tomorrow truly is.

If you don’t know what story to tell yourself, then I highly suggest making a few lists.

  • Goals (what you want to achieve)
  • To be (ever wanted to play guitar?)
  • To not be (often a more thought provoking list)

Jump! In the Nick of time.

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The balance

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