Blog021: Distracted 101.

The zombie apocalypse

Shuffling towards the exit she glowers at her screen. Without looking up or missing a beat she draws a long gulp out of her chilled soy latte, and places it expertly back into the carrier. Her focus absolute, her thumbs stab at the screen with mantas like precision, drawing symbols, arching swipes of her digits.

We are the distracted ones.

The door exhales open, city air swells in the foyer before being exhaled back into the open, with the silent throng of people. An old one, recently added to the herd, stops to examine her insolently chiming pocket, a suited man scowls, circumventing the new obstacle, barking into the air as his ear whispers secrets.

They are the distracted ones.

Surging forward the throng grows in numbers, a plethora of brands sparkle, compete and blend into the crowd. More shuffling, mantas thumbs, glowing eyes. I watch in awe, when it dawns on me.

I left my phone in the car.

I am the distracted one.


Jump! In the Nick of time.

By Ash Murrell | January 28, 2022

Voices reduced to a single pin point. All you can hear is your breathing. Why the hell is my breath so ragged. Palms clamming up like you’re at prom. Your gaze feels laggy, your brain refuses to see the openness your foolish mind thought would be a welcoming freedom. Just jump already, a voice echos…

The balance

By Ash Murrell | March 30, 2021

Balance   Short post that will allow me to justify spending a few hours in Cinema 4D making a fun MoGraph idea. A relatively undiscussed facet of the visual media career is the triangle of balance. This concept, helps me with budgeting, and also allows me to be pragmatic in terms of bidding. This ones…

Dustin you’re a D#*&!

By Ash Murrell | March 29, 2021

The setup Let me preface that gloriously click-baity title with this: somehow during the lockdown of early 2021, a perfect storm of learning and creativity hit. You see, I’ve played around with CGI work in the past, a brief interlude into the world of Blender. I made a donut, built a whisky glass and then…