Blog027: How to find your photographer.

On-location, out of area.

How to find a photographer? That can be tricky. One of amazing things about the internet is often how hidden artists can be. Finding an artist that’s right for your job can be daunting, here’s some ways to narrow down your selection.


  • Don’t worry about location, worry about style. Sure a local photographer is great if you can get them, but are they offering the right work for your needs? Hiring a wedding photographer for your product photos won’t give you the same effect as hiring that amazing product photographer who is out of area. Area is usually not a concern these days, they can shoot where they are or travel to you. Making a photographer travel can also build extra content for you, a behind the scenes of the photo-shoot and travel can give your company some legitimacy.  Searching broadly to start in a few different platforms, Instagram, Facebook & Google.


  • Searching “Location” & Photographer (IE Toronto photographer, Belleville Photographer), can give you an idea of local market. Trying “Specific niche” & Photographer can show you what the market has to offer from that specific area of interest.


  • The body of work. Take a moment and skim through their work. Do they have a consistent style, do they often use a specific trick like a lens flare (JJ Abrahaming it) or body-steady cam (Trainspotting anyone?)? This consistency is a great thing, this means they are comfortable creating that look, and if it suits your business / brand / product, this is a big win. Usually clients hire me based on one image they locked onto with a full heart!


  • What do they like? This ones a bit of a bonus, but goes without saying, if someone really really loves something and they are pursuing it as a mainline for their art form, chances are they are going to be pretty badass at it. Doesn’t always pan out, but it might be worth searching terms closely related to your field of interest.


  • Talk to them! Start a conversation, and find out more about them!


The greatest part of the internet is reducing the distance to zero. You can have a candid conversation with an artist who’s halfway around the world if he suits your needs. You might find that the perfect fit for your brand is closer than you thought.



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