“What’s the secret?”

She asked, leaning forwards, hoping to hear some simple trick that made my business magically grow.

I shrugged, and replied,




Her brow furrowed and eyes glazed over a bit, as she recognizes the plethora of things stacked behind that word.

Consistency, is the one key element people forget. They treat entrepreneurship like it’s a sprint, not realising this is a marathon. Being an entrepreneur sounds sexy, free and debonair. The reality is often far from the Gary Vee infused world. It’s often slow, frustrating and riddled with luck, opportunity and pitfalls.

Being consistent sounds way less interesting. FOMO kicks in and people flit from one thing to another, barely scratching the surface of the good stuff. The good stuff comes from a dedication to a specific thing.

Consider the alternative, the inconsistent. How many times have you trusted someone with that descriptor. In reality we as humans seek balance, and stability. We don’t want our hard earned money to goto someone who has been carelessly deciding on his ventures.

What is consistency?

It’s doing the work. Over and over.

It’s answering the phone, email or text.

It’s showing up to work to build something unique for this wonderful world.

It is not an exercise in ego.

It is not that flashy Instagram post or that snap chat photo showing you doing that one thing, that one time.


Identify FOMO, focus on your goals.


Be consistent.



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