Blog029: No.

Courage to miss out.

The fear of missing out.

Opportunities are for the brave, smart or bloody lucky. Which one are you to be?

The brave, stepping out into the unknown, embracing the fear of failure and the daunting nature of what lies ahead.

The smart, calculated decisions, reduced to a simple algorithm, looking at the opportunity you align what your careful planning has laid in front of you.

The lucky, right place right time, you were here because you felt like a latte from that place today, because sure why not.

Opportunities are exciting and often you rely on carpe diem’ing the shit out of them when they arise.

Alternatively there are times that the opportunity is not right for you. This no can be the hardest. Saying no to a potentially good gig can be hard. With experience you can surmise the overall quality of the opportunity, figure out if fomo is kicking your ass or if you really should jump on in.

Say no to things that might be a good thing, in the creative world this can often mean: exposure from the job, payment from a third party afterwards, promises of larger jobs on the horizon.

Say no to the obvious flawed ventures. The collaboration to do that overdone shot, for the egos in the industry.

Say no because it doesn’t align with your brand.

Say no because you know that it’ll fail. Even if it’s a friend.

Say no to time sinks.

Say no more often so you can be more picky on your yes moments.

Jump! In the Nick of time.

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