Blog041: Apples & Oranges

Good press, bad press.

The sense of someone close / looming was strong, the eyes of the family I was photographing* raised past my shoulder at an incoming interruption. I didn’t need to turn around, it’s not the first time I’ve been ejected from a location for asinine reasons. I grab 2 extra frames before an employee of the apple orchard informs us that company policy doesn’t allow for photographs to be taken by professionals in the orchard. Her excuses were small minded and just plain redundant, citing others prior have climbed trees (They were far too short for even they most monkey-like 3 year old to climb, and besides all of the family members we photographed were well over climbing age). After a brief back and forth, we leave, one pissed off family and a disgruntled photographer. The apples and pumpkins we planned on purchasing, remaining behind, with the orchards lack of vision and thoughtless staff.

The thing is (read problem) with this mindset, is in today’s media saturated environment, you simply cannot avoid it. You can’t avoid people talking about your business.

Instead of raising barriers for you story simply open the gates.

Use hashtags and create a simple catchphrase for your brand.

Extend your arms to you clients, don’t close them off. Invite them to be a part of the adventure your brand is on and you’ll find trues fans lining up to help you spread the word.



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