Blog038: Afraid

Stop running from yourself.

Colour falls off the screen like a glow of otherworldly energy. Everything has become nuanced, details somehow become more pertinent and less obvious all at the same time. There comes a point where you’re so lost within the spectrum of light it feels like you’re floating in an abyss. Or drowning in a dark lake.

Don’t let your life become too bustling to see the glow.

As we get older the image we project onto the world can become pallid. The imagination that fuelled us through childhood grows rusty, the oil of discovery falls away to stagnation and adulthood. Just like a rusted pan, with love, attention and purpose you can reinvigorate this.

Find yourself a selfish, foolish project that only feeds your soul.

Tomorrow look in the mirror and admire the time scarred eyes that stare back at you. Breathe. Find something just for you, art in it’s purest sense, and embrace it.

Stop running from yourself, face the human inside that yearns for creation.







Jump! In the Nick of time.

By Ash Murrell | January 28, 2022

Voices reduced to a single pin point. All you can hear is your breathing. Why the hell is my breath so ragged. Palms clamming up like you’re at prom. Your gaze feels laggy, your brain refuses to see the openness your foolish mind thought would be a welcoming freedom. Just jump already, a voice echos…

The balance

By Ash Murrell | March 30, 2021

Balance   Short post that will allow me to justify spending a few hours in Cinema 4D making a fun MoGraph idea. A relatively undiscussed facet of the visual media career is the triangle of balance. This concept, helps me with budgeting, and also allows me to be pragmatic in terms of bidding. This ones…

Dustin you’re a D#*&!

By Ash Murrell | March 29, 2021

The setup Let me preface that gloriously click-baity title with this: somehow during the lockdown of early 2021, a perfect storm of learning and creativity hit. You see, I’ve played around with CGI work in the past, a brief interlude into the world of Blender. I made a donut, built a whisky glass and then…