Blog013: The cover up!

We all try to hide mistakes

Being a commercial artist is a constant thing. So much so, it’s inevitable you’ll make a mistake. That’s why so many people like to look for shortcuts, the less time you spend doing something the less time you have to make a mistake… I’ve already touched on trying to be perfect in a prior post so this post should’ve been avoided… Or would it have been inevitable?

The cover up reason

It was 3am. I awoke with a start, I realized that my goal yesterday wasn’t met. The day had been busy, we’re in the midst of moving, I have photoshoots I’m managing, and a personal project that I’ll share here on Sunday. Busy. Lack of priorities, or lack of ability to plan your time correctly.

For love of bustle is not industry – it is only the restlessness of a hunted mind. ~ Seneca

With the hubbub of yesterday, the cover up became a reality.

The cover up

What is the cover up? Nothing sinister, but still amusing, as I’ve spent not a few posts back talking about the need to let yourself be, and not try to front this unnatural cover.

Blog011: Don’t worry.

This little blog represents a blip on the radar. I had said from the start that I wished to go for 365 days straight of daily personal blogging. Writing daily has become something I look forward to, it’s creation without constraint. I write what I notice, yes, but that is so skimming the surface. Writing daily has helped me focus my thoughts, channeled my energy into content creation, nothing but a blank page and talk about something that I noticed today. Originally I wanted to limit to just photography or videography related subjects, poking the embers of that industry and showing people I was knowledgeable and worth the title of commercial artist.

The blip, was that yesterdays post was from today. I yearned for that perfect track record so I had posted it post-dated. It felt good to look at the dates, all in line, showing I hadn’t faltered, I wanted a perfect track record. I titled it a little tongue in cheek as it was an inside joke to my missing the deadline.

Starting something new is the best way to fail

It’s also the best way to move forward. Yes you’ll make errors, mistakes and failures. Think of those as badges of honor, battlefield scars, trophies from the race. If you’re making mistakes you’re closer to your goals than you were yesterday. Hiding those failures won’t only hurt yourself, in the long run it can affect others. If you’re a budding commercial artist and didn’t read this then you might think I managed to blog consistently 365 days in a row without fail, that hiding of the mistakes makes others FEEL like mistakes are a sign of you doing it wrong. Build your art on a mountain of mistakes, just don’t make them repeated mistakes!


I’m going to leave that cover up, to show the process.

2 blogs in one day, that was a treat to write, see you tomorrow.


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